A Week of Musical Merriment and Lively Linguistics

Posted: 21st January 2022

What have our students been up to this week in Music & French?

This week in our French lesson, Pre-School have been learning about different animals in French, we sang the Skoldo song “ Toc, toc, toc ” and listened to the story “ Je suis trop gros ” where an elephant and a giraffe talk about themselves and their friendship. Reception have been looking at “Elmer l’éléphant” and completed a colourful display based around Elmer. Year 1 have been learning about what children have for breakfast in France and how to say what they have for breakfast. Year 2 have been learning about things in their pencil case and played the memory game “ Kim’s game”. Year 3 have been talking about hobbies and saying which ones they enjoy. Year 4 looking at their classroom and learning how to say different parts of the classroom in French. Year 5 have been learning school subjects using a very catchy song. Year 6 have talked about how they get to school and different modes of transport. We work out the most popular way of getting to school was taking the car – “Je vais à l’école en voiture”.

In Music this week, most classes have been concentrating on playing instruments. For example, the Reception class have just started exploring xylophones; practicing correct mallet technique while using different parts of the instrument to create sound effects to embellish fairytales. Year 3 are learning a song about sardines and Inuits called ‘Apusskidusky’ during their lessons, and will soon be able to sing the lyrics while accompanying themselves on the xylophones. Meanwhile, the Year 4 boys are continuing to make great progress on their descant recorders, and are enjoying being able to sight-read various pieces in the treble clef. Due to the postponement of the Young Voices massed choral performance (a Covid situation), Year 5 now have more time to work on the repertoire, and, to judge from their enthusiastic singing and dancing, are really enjoying the Lion King and Beatles song medleys!

Thank you to Mme Ladd & Ms Seamen for making our students’ learning so memorable and fun!

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