Year 3 wonder around the National History Museum

Posted: 9th November 2017

Year 3’s trip to the Natural History Museum was a great success. Even before arriving at the museum the anticipation was mounting. We found our way through the museum and checked our coats and bags in the school reception area.

The first area we looked at was the ‘Creepy Crawlies’ section. This was great. We saw all sorts of insects and bugs. Did you know insects have an exoskeleton? This means that they have their skeleton on the outside.

After a quick lunch, we were ready for our ‘scientific exploration’ session with the museum. We were asked to look through and observe and record on species samples, fossils and much more. We used sheets of paper to draw and write down our observations. It was amazing.

I think the highlight for everyone was when we went to the dinosaur section. We saw a giant robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex! It was so lifelike!

Overall, we had a great day at the museum!

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