Houses of Parliament

Posted: 14th May 2019

On Wednesday 8th May, an excited Year 6 took the busy tube to the Houses of Parliament. When we arrived, we were greeted by a welcoming tour guide who showed us around the grand building. At first, it looked small but as we walked around we realised it was like a colossal maze. We went to the House of Commons and learnt what people and MPs do there. I learnt that MPs have to come in person and place a name card onto a seat in the Commons to reserve that seat. Afterwards, we went to the House of Lords and saw a golden-coated throne, which we learnt the Queen sits on. We also saw many MPs reserving seats as they were getting ready for the Prime Minister’s questions. Soon after learning about the many debates that go on in the House of Lords, we had a workshop. In the workshop, we were split into groups and asked to design a campaign about an issue that we thought needed help or fixing. Overall, we found this trip to be very useful and enjoyable and hope to go again.

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