Year 5 and Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

8th December 2017

“I use drawing to worry through the work. They’re for teasing ideas out, for thinking about composition and colour, without actually making things. They’re playful.” During their Tate Britain visit,…

Buckingham Prep School Reading List

5th December 2017

It’s here. The gift of reading. After much deliberation, the teachers and Miss Thompson have finalised the Buckingham Prep School Reading List and there’s something in it for everyone. Whether…

Children in Need

4th December 2017

On November 17th the boys took part in Children in Need. In preparation, Reception spent Thursday decorating cakes which had been made by the kitchen, as well as cooking their…

Reception visit Whipsnade zoo

4th December 2017

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Reception saw all these exciting animals and more on their trip to Whipsnade zoo. We set off early in the morning on the…

What are the York Awards?

10th November 2017

For our Year 5 boys October marks a special time in the calendar as this is when they go on their three night residential trip to York. The itinerary for…

Shanah Tovah

9th November 2017

Shanah tovah (שנה טובה) is the greeting Jewish people exchange during their New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah and translates as have a good new year. This year the two-day festival, which…

Year 3 wonder around the National History Museum

9th November 2017

Year 3’s trip to the Natural History Museum was a great success. Even before arriving at the museum the anticipation was mounting. We found our way through the museum and…

We’re Excellent!

30th August 2017

How can you tell which independent school or nursery is best? When it’s time to find the independent school or nursery for your child you will be spoilt for choice….


29th June 2017

Every year Buckingham Prep hosts a book fair with the ‘Travelling Books’ company. We are always delighted to welcome Gale and Bill, who run the fair, in to our school….


30th May 2017

On Monday 8th May, Year 6 arrived at school as the sun began to rise for the week’s residential trip to Plas Menai in North Wales. After quite a stressful…

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